Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's been a long long time :)

Howdy all :) It's been a long while since I've wrote on here, and I was bored waiting on Harrison to wake up from another 3 hour nap, so I figured I'd update everyone on what's going on with us! We had a great Christmas! Harrison had a blast, he really didn't know what was going on with wrapping paper this year, and didn't start opening presents until he saw everyone else doing it too. It was so cute. But he had a blast. We went to my parents on Christmas Eve, and then to Kenney's parents on Christmas Day. He had been walking around holding on to our fingers, and had been getting scared if we let go, poor little guy. He's so cautious about everything, it's so cute! But we are trying to help him get some confidence going.

Our New Years was a blast! We went downtown to the Indiana State Museum where they were having a special New Years for kids. They had a balloon drop at 8, and face painting and a band, it was so cute! Harrison walked the whole time! I think he had such a blast!
Here's a list of what he's up to now:
  • Walking nonstop! He just started this past 2 weeks and now he's on the go all the time.
  • Babbling a lot more. He still just says "Dada, Momma & Dog" clearly.
  • Is getting really good at trying to clip things together. Car seat, a little vibrating seat for Alex. He's always trying to buckle it.
  • Is getting a little better about jealousy with Alex. I watch him 2 or 3 times a week and the other day he actually offered him a cute!
  • Still has his glasses and is keeping them on so much better!
  • Dances by flapping his arms and moves his head back and forth, everytime he hears music.

  • Eats all the time! He's up to 2 waffles a morning! What a piggy!

That's just a few of what he's doing. I am too tired to think of it all :) He's just the best little guy ever though. He's very affectionate and caring of other people. I couldn't ask for a better child! Hope all is well. Enjoy the pics!

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